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Annual meeting held in Amsterdam

At the College Hotel, Amsterdam, the annual meeting of iSBCS was held yesterday Monday October 7th with a programme combining scientific, social and formal activities. The seven talks covered various topics, e.g., infection risks, multifocal implants and ISBCS, refractive outcomes, the implementation of ISBCS within the US HMO Kaiser Permanente, and surgical pearls to manage… Read more »

ISBCS in Children

Can I just draw to your attention “Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surgery with IOL Implantation in Children in Kenya. Gradin D, & Mundia D, Journal of Pediatric Ophtghalmology and Strabismus 2012; 49: 139-144.” The summary I have read quotes cost analysis for 48 children operated on aiwth ISBCS compared to 48 DSBCS (next day), with costs… Read more »

No ISBCS course at ASCRS 2013

The ASCRS programme committee regrettably has not accepted the submitted course “Simultaneous Bilateral Endophthalmitis:overrated Bogeyman or barrier to Immediate Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery in the United States” for the ASCRS congress 2013, submitted by Olivia Li, Charles Claoué, Steve Arshinoff & Björn Johansson. In spite of increased interest for ISBCS in the literature and among… Read more »

Successful ISBCS meeting in Milan

During ESCRS in Milan the annual meeting of ISBCS was held Monday evening, together with a session with scientific presentations. The discussions continued during the following dinner. More details (meeting minutes, presentation slides) will be available at the website in the near future. The financial support for this event by Zeiss is gratefully acknowledged.

Guess the topic of the cover story in September issue of CRST Europe? :-)

In the September 2011 issue of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe several articles by Sarikkola (FIN), Arshinoff (CAN), Kaufer (ARG), Johansson (SWE), Claoue & Liu (UK), Raju et al (WV, USA), and Blaylock & Si (UK) offer a broad perspective on ethical, legal, practical, technical and economical aspects of ISBCS. The issue was available for… Read more »


What wording should be used for consent form for ISBCS? My wording for potential complications reads: “Pain / Bleeding / Infection (1 in 1,000) / Residual Refractive Error / Corneal &/or Vitreo-retinal problems / Worse Vision / Bilateral Blindness / Death” I have used this wording (without specifying the infection rate) for unilateral refractive lens… Read more »

ESCRS Vienna update

The ESCRS instructional course “Immediate sequential bilateral catarct surgery – rationale, results and risk management” chaired by Charles Claoue attracted about 30 attendants, which is a significant increase from previous courses. A sign of the increased interest for ISBCS was that it was chosen as topic for the cover story of the September issue of Cataract & Refractive… Read more »

Spanish Government Approval of ISBCS on Canary Islands

March 2011:   Dr. David Perez Silguero hs recently advised iSBCS that Spain has completed their study of the ISBC experience on the Canary Islands, with very positive results, and our colleagues there deserve our congratulations for becoming the first government approved ISBCS area in the world. The document from the Spanish government is available, with… Read more »

Growing ISBCS debate in the Nordic countries

In the Denmark-based magazine ”Oftalmolog” that is sent to all members of the Nordic Ophthalmological Societies (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden) a debate was initiated in June 2010 by editor dr Helene Laukeland, Norway in an editorial: ”ISBCS – the concept of the future?” In this editorial she noted the increased interest for ISBCS,… Read more »

Welcome to the new home of iSBCS.Org

We’ve spent the past few months revamping the iSBCS.Org website and have incorporated some exciting new features for iSBCS Members. A few of the features to look forward to: Easy membership renewal and registration via the website. A “social” network integration allowing messaging between members, activity/status updates and much more… Ability for members to post… Read more »