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Nassiri, N., ‘Immediate vs delayed sequential cataract surgery: a comparative study’ Eye 2007:1-7, 0950-222X/07

SUMMARY Purpose Immediate sequential cataract surgery (ISCS) is still a controversial procedure. We compared the clinical and patient-reported outcomes of ISCS vs the usual delayed sequential cataract surgery (DSCS). Methods Selected patients with bilateral cataracts were assigned nonrandomly and according to their references to either ISCS in one session (intervention group) or DSCS over two… Read more »

Chang, D. F. ‘Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surgery’ British Journal of Ophthalmology 2003;87:253–254

An idea whose time has come? SUMMARY During the past decade, advances in techniques and technology have led to major changes in cataract surgical practice patterns. The complete transition from large incision extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) to phacoemulsification was driven by the ability to accelerate the visual and physical rehabilitation of cataract patients. The subsequent… Read more »