ISBCS discussed by Dan Durrie during AAO

At the recent AAO meeting Dan made a presentation in the “Hot Topic” session about immediate sequential bilateral lens implantation, using data that Steve collected. Go to and enter searchterm “durrie”‘ or try the link below.

Dan Durrie AAO 2011

Dan drew a parallel to the corneal refractive procedures that initially were separated between the eyes but nowadays routinely are done in both eyes at the same session. Because of improper reimbursement rules for second eye surgery, ISBCS might initially be more attractive to private refractive surgeons, whose patients may ask for the shorter rehabilitation and better logistics with the immediate sequential approach.
It seems there is a growing interest within US ophthalmology for this topic. Hopefully iSBCS can contribute to the discussion by providing data and suggestions for framework to introduce the concept with maximum safety.



I totally agree with Dan, not many years ago, corneal refractive procedures were separated and surgeons were at first fearful of bilateral surgery, nowadays everybody think of bilaterality when performing these procedures.
I think that with advances in minimal incisions and intracameral antibiotics, bilaterality in cataract surgery is also the future


Dan is correct. Why are blilateral blepharoplasties ROUTINE with risks of retrobulbar hemorrage and blindness? Why is bilateral strabismus surgery with perforation and blindness risks routine? Change is always a threat even if evidence shows otherwise. I recall being at the AAO when Paul Ernest presented his ideas for NO STITCH PHACO. Many of the leading ECCE surgeons were present and were yelling at him and confronting him in a threatening manner. Who would have believed it would be the standard of care some day? Life is interesting!

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