Minutes from 2013 Annual Meeting, Amsterdam

Below please find minutes from the society’s annual meeting in Amsterdam.

iSBCS: Annual meeting minutes: Monday, Oct. 7, 2013, College Hotel, Amsterdam:

Members present: Steve Arshinoff, Keiki Mehta, Cyres Mehta, John Kloor, Olivia Li, Charles Claoué, Fernando Mayordomo, Björn Johansson.

Guests present: Agnes Risko MD, Johannesburg, South Africa.
1: The meeting was officially opened by Co-President Björn Johansson.

2: Meeting agenda was approved.

3: Minutes of previous annual meeting, Sept 10, 2012, Milan, unanimously approved, made available on website

4: Business arising from 2012 minutes:

  1. # Our executive is elected for a two year term. Next year is an election year. Current executive will continue to serve until our Sept. 15, 2014 meeting in London.
  2. # Number of members is increasing, presently around 80. Many colleagues are showing interest but wish not to enter into active membership presently.
  3. # Finances are good with limited expenses and income from membership dues and sponsorships. Membership fee thus stays unchanged.
  4. # Visibility of the society has been satisfying and increasing with ISBCS discussed at the   IIIC biennial retreat in Quebec City, Feb.
    2013, during an ISBCS symposium at SOE Copenhagen, June 2013 and in published papers. Our website is frequently accessed from many countries with high activity from USA, Russia and China. Björn Johansson has been invited to talk about ISBCS at a meeting arranged by the Belgian Ophthalmological Society in Antwerp in early 2014.


5: New business: # Certificate for membership was discussed. Such certificate has been designed and can be issued by the executive on request by email or through website message. Also certificate for presenters at the society meeting will be issued upon request.

6: Next meeting: Monday evening Sept 15th 2015, London.


Björn Johansson, MD Co-President, iSBCS


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  2013 01 24 SAA review of Olsen for iSBCS

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Thanks Bjorn. This sort of work is essential and takes a lot of time and effort, but is rarely recognised and appreciated.

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