Minutes from 2014 Annual Meeting, London

Below please find minutes from the society’s annual meeting in London.

iSBCS annual meeting minutes, Monday, Sep 15th, 2014, Boisdales, London:

Members present: Steve Arshinoff, Keiki Mehta, Cyres Mehta, John Kloor, Olivia Li,
Charles Claoué, Fernando Mayordomo, Zsolt Biro, Laurent Lalonde, Andrew
Peng, Andrzej Grzybowski, Björn Johansson, Otto Maubach, Carlos
Verges Roger, Gerard Ainsworth.

Guests present: Agnes Risko MD, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr. Kate Biro, Pecs,
Hungary, Peggy Bohan Senior Ophthalmic Theatre Nursing Sister, London, UK,
Jean-Marie André & Matthew Walden, HelpMeSee, USA/Africa (these 2 joined),
Dr.Maria Iliadou (Germany).

§1: The meeting was officially opened by Co-President Björn Johansson.

§2: Meeting agenda was approved.

§3: Minutes of previous annual meeting, Oct 7th, 2013, Amsterdam, made available on
website, were unanimously approved.

§4: Business arising from 2013 minutes:

  1. # Number of members is increasing, recently 100th member joined. Still colleagues are
    showing interest but wish not to enter into active membership presently.
  2. # Visibility of the society over the last year has been satisfying and increasing with ISBCS discussed at in published papers and several national and international meetings.
    The mentioning of iSBCS and its General Principles for Excellence in ISBCS
    during this year’s Ridley Medal lecture was noted. Our website is frequently accessed from many countries with high activity from USA,  Russia and China.


§5: Financial Report:  Finances show stable balance.  Membership fee stays unchanged but increased efforts to find sponsors is necessary to support further activities with update of website and future members’ meetings.

6: Update of website: Statistics regarding access of the society’s website were
reported. The website attracts widespread international interest, with increased
frequency of visits from e.g. USA.

7:Organizational structure review: The society is registered as a private limited company  in England  at Companies House. The rules applying were briefly presented.

8: Election of officers 2014-2016: The meeting unanimously re-elected Steve Arshinoff, Charles Claoué de Gohr and Björn Johansson as executive officers for the term 2014-2016.

9: New business: The growing attendance and number of presentations during the
annual meeting calls for a change in the meeting structure. For next year, the
executive will work to have a separate session with scientific presentations
arranged during daytime at the ESCRS venue, while the business meeting and
annual ISBCS dinner will be held at Monday evening during the ESCRS meeting.

10: Next meeting: Monday evening Sept 7th 2015, Barcelona.

11: Meeting was adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Björn Johansson,  Co-President iSBCS