Presentations and agenda for annual meeting in Amsterdam, latest update Sep 19

ESCRS in Amsterdam is quickly approaching, as is the annual ISBCS meeting flanked by presentations and members’ dinner! Please find below 6 speakers and their 7 submitted presentations, as well as the agenda of the meeting that will follow the presentations and discussion. NB suggestions for additional agenda items welcome!

Dr Olivia Li: Beyond the rhetoric: Is the fear of simultaneous bilateral endophthalmitis following ISBCS justified?

Prof Keiki Mehta, Mumbai India: Enhancing the results of Toric Multifocals with LARI for Bilateral Cataract Surgery

Prof Keiki Mehta: Diminuation of Glare at Night Complains in Bilateral Cataract Surgery: A Curious Phenomenon.

Dr John Kloor, Boulder Colorado USA: Experiences from ISBCS within the Kaiser Permanente HMO, USA.

Dr Steve Arshinoff, Toronto, Canada: iSBCS Issues in 2013

Dr Fernando Mayordomo, Valencia, Spain: Trifocal IOL: a new step forward excellence in cataract surgery

Dr Cyres Mehta, Mumbai India: Small Pupil phaco – No obstacle to Bilateral surgery

Agenda of Annual Meeting of iSBCS 2013

Date and Venue:  October 7th 2013, at the XXIX Congress of the ESCRS, Amsterdam.

1: Opening of the meeting

2: Review and approval of meeting agenda approved

3: Minutes of previous meeting.

4: Business arising from 2012 minutes:

a: Financial report

b: Status of membership

c: Website:

d: Visibility of iSBCS, follow-up

5: Any Other Business

6: Next meeting



I´m working in a short presentation asked me by Dr. Arshinoff in a private e-mail about trifocal IOL´s Finevision and LISA 839. I hope it will be finished for the meeting; of course if the executive wants.


One more presentation will fit into the schedule. ISBCS and multifocal IOLs is an interesting topic and follow-up data on new platforms always welcome. Send me an email when you have presentation and title ready and I will update post.
Thanks Björn


When you say the time is 19.30, are you talking about the meeting or the dinner?; Bjorn said a few months ago start at 16.00, all in the same venue.



Fernando, the starting time for the meeting is 19.30. At that time the presentation session starts, followed by formal annual meeting, after which dinner will be served. Again a reminder to all: Register in advance for the dinner with an email message to Charles!

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