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The International Society of Bilateral Cataract Surgeons welcomes new members. We wish to share information and techniques which will enhance all of our surgeries and patient outcomes. We want to discuss common SBCS practices, obstacles and relevant medical-political issues in different countries at meetings and in the members-only area of our website. Although the society wishes to encourage as wide a membership as possible, only medically qualified ophthalmologists will have voting rights within the society and will be eligible to be elected to the Executive Council.

All those wishing to join are requested to complete the application for membership form on this website and include a single paragraph summary of their experience and interest in SBCS, along with payment of the annual membership fee.

A single page personal reference sheet will be created from your application, which will be available on line to other members for the purposes of cross-referral, discussion, mutual assistance, and simply getting to know each other.

All members of ISBCS please click here to register for website access.

Our founding sponsors:

Current executive board:

Co-President: Steve A. Arshinoff MD Canada

Co-President: Bjorn Johansson MD Sweden

Secretary-Treasurer: Charles Claoue MD UK

Chairman: Scientific Committee Cyres Mehta MD India

iSBCS General Principles for Excellence in ISBCS